My passion is delivering training for the service industry!

In this sector (hospitality, tourism and retail) your people are your business!

And I offer training that ensures you get the best from your employees.

In my training sessions your colleagues learn how to lead a team successfully, how to give effective feedback, how to conduct great year-end reviews, how to provide excellent customer service and so much more… so that they and your business thrive and succeed.

I’m not a fan of long powerpoint presentations. I love interactive training sessions full of energy, discussions, hands-on learning, practice runs and time to reflect. 

When your colleagues leave my training, they know how to implement the learning at work. 

The training solutions are available in German, English and French

Training solutions
- just some ideas how I can help

I create bite-size modules available for half or full-day training sessions. You decide what works best for you and your business!

Supervisory Skills for young leaders

Young leaders who have been recently promoted into their role are enthusiastic individuals with lots of technical skills. They require further guidance and the right soft skills training so that they lead successfully.

How to give effective feedback

How to interview potential new team members effectively

How to coach and motivate team members

How to communicate well

How to lead with Emotional Intelligence

Induction & Onboarding

Get your people engaged right from the start!

We can help you give your colleagues a great start by creating your individual induction programme. 

It will help your new starters engage with your brand, understand your vision and values, connect and feel part of the team much quicker. 

Management Skills

As a leader and a manager, you need the right skills and confidence to thrive.

Creating an engaging Leadership Style 

Performance Management 

Conducting successful Year-End Reviews

Interviewing Techniques

Coaching and Feedback Techniques

Becoming a resilient leader

Train the Trainer techniques (How to teach team members effectively)

Leading teams with Emotional Intelligence

These are topic examples - if you have a learning need that isn't listed here, just send me a message and I'll let you know how I can best help you.

Who is ELevate

I’m Eva Lindner. As a child of hoteliers, hospitality and the service culture runs through my veins.

Naturally I started working in operational role in leading hotels in Europe until I discovered my passion for Learning & Development in 2008.

I realised that I truly enjoy developing people through meaningful and engaging soft skills training.

I can design and deliver your training in German, English or French. 


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